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Quote a Day :p

I decided to start doing a quote a day type thing... I'll be posting random, funny, stupid, annoying, and various other adjectives type quotes a few times a day... like 3... once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once at night (if I can be on)...

Here's this mornings:

Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before. <input ... ></input><input ... >

The Bourne Identity

Okay, as if last night I jumped onto the Bourne bandwagon. lol.

For those who haven't seen it:

It starts out as Jason Bourne, a multi-million dollar governmental weapon, lost his memory after receiving two gunshots to his back. In an effort to figure out who he is and what he does, Jason quickly discovers that he's being hunted down to be killed but he doesn't understand why. The government wants to "clean up a mess" they made and the only way to do that is to kill Jason.
So not only is Jason trying to figure things out...he's also trying to survive.

My review on it-
Matt Damon played his part as Jason Bourne very well.
The plot bounced around a bit and it was confusing in some parts.
There was one scene that was a bit racey but it's the only scene like that in the entire movie.
All in all though, very good movie and worth watching.

Acting: 9/10
Plot: 8/10

Profanity: Mild
Violence: Heavy
Sex/Nudity: Minor

Whhat too do

I'm like horribly bored... nothing to do. The only site I go on I'm currently boycotting and I have no where else to go. -_-
Only so much you can do on youtube and despite the fact I'm on a chatroom currently...only so much to say.. lol

If anyone has any suggestions of things to occupy myself with (besides books and tv) please pass some my way.

Writer's Block: Memories

What is the most memorable event of your life so far? What made it so special? Do you think you'll ever top it?

Mine would be my first beach trip last summer with my youth group. It was soo much fun :) The thing that made it so special for me was my crush being there. Made the trip more enjoyable. Honestly, I doubt it could ever be topped.

Main Creation Reason

Main reason why I created a LJ account was to share some of my youtube videos... lol

Personally I am bad at writing anything so don't expect too much writing from me. lol



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